Good Business Ideas

Good business ideas are ones which are likely to lead to viable and profitable business. In other words, they tap into an opportunity in the market. We all have various ideas but all of them do not make good business ideas.

Find specific problems and try to create solutions. Buffer is a marvelous example here. They were able to identify a specific problem which twitter users had and they came up with an application that solves the problem neatly.

Look for a region where current way of handling things leads to a high cost. Internet has spawned a lot of businesses who take advantage of opportunity like this. For instance, and have resulted in low process of professional development and training by delivering online courses.
Look for a region where a conspicuous need is not being met. The need may be a service or goods people are not aware of.
Spend time brain storming through various business ideas and see if you are able to come up with good business ideas which may also become an opportunity.

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Emily H

Emily currently works for Dream Linux as a full time social media director, she has been actively involved with several social media campaigns as well as market research and social analysis.