Herbal natural remedies for diabetes

Asia is full of herbs and thus, this is the home to herbal natural remedies. Especially in India and china, herbal cure is very famous and scientifically proven. They prefer to use natural remedies for treatment of every disease. Of course, they have a rich stock of herbs for every disease. There are different herbs that are used in treatment of diabetes.

Bitter melon

One herb found in Asia is bitter melon. Because of this bitter taste, it is very beneficial to diabetes patient. Bitter melon is very good in cleaning blood and decreasing level of sugar in blood.


Basil is an herb used even in cancer. Because of its spicy taste, it is very useful in diabetes.  It is proven very beneficial and has no side effects at all. Hence it is most commonly used in herbal natural remedies especially in Ayurveda.


Gooseberry is also called Amla. This green color berry is a mine of vitamin C. This berry is very useful in decreasing the level of sugar in blood and purifying the blood. It also increases the blood circulation. It is available in dried form and you can enjoy it with great taste after seasoning with salt.


Ginseng is a famous Asian herb which has numerous advantages. This herb is useful in decreasing the sugar of blood.


Ginger is very helpful in reducing sugar level and giving energy. Its spicy taste helps in many problems.


Garlic is most commonly used ingredient in most of the Asian food. Along with a nice spicy taste, it adds nutrition to food. Having one piece of garlic everyday will help a lot to diabetes patients.

Cinnamon Bark

This herb converts the glucose to full energy and stops it from creating harmful sugar level.Www.dimmakherbs.com


With a bitter taste, called Methi in India, this herb is very beneficial for diabetes. In spite of having a bitter taste, it creates nice flavor in food and can be used with different flavors to enjoy the treatment of diabetes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a bitter herb which can be used for diabetes. Having so many nutrients, it slows down the effect of blood sugar. It can be taken in dried form.



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