How Much Does a CAT scan Machine Cost?

Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is pretty beneficial for the diagnosis of various bodily internal problems that may occur in heart, aorta, pancreas, gall bladder, very fine fractures, internal muscles, and so on. The cost of the CT scan machine and its ultimate CT scan is pretty high due to the topnotch technology involved in it. The cost of CAT scan may also differ from state to state and hospital to hospital as the cost depends on various factors that may be different in varying regions.

There are various types of CT scan machines available in the market. The main manufacturers of CT scan machines are GE, Toshiba, Philips and Siemens. The price ranges of their different models are also different depending on the quality of the graphic that a specific machine produces. A CT scan machine may be a 4 slice, 16 slice or 64 slice. It depends on the requirements of the buyers. The 4 slice machine is the cheapest whereas the 64 slice machine is the costliest one. Moreover, there is difference in price when you buy specific quality of CT scan machine of a different manufacturer. You can go to to know the price of various things.

The prices of 4 slice CT scanners range from $65,000 – $90,000. The price range of the 16 slice machines is $120,000 – $160,000 whereas that of the 64 Slice scanner is $175,000 – $300,000; it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mostly, the GE scanners are costlier than those of others.

The cost of CAT scan depends on the machine being used for the purpose. If the machine in use is cheaper, the cost of the scan will also be less; whereas it will be more if the machine is costly or has better graphical options.

In addition to the cost of the CT scanner, the hospital that buys it has to pay a lot of other expenses like those on electricity usage, personnel to operate it and the maintenance cost. All these and other costs, taken together, can cause a hospital to spend around $5,000-$10,000 per month. This is a huge expense and the hospital, that is keeping it, has to have more than 10 customers monthly just to breakeven the expenses that it has to pay to meet the CT scanner cost and the cost of things related to it.

The cost of the CT scanner, thus, matters a lot to fix the price of the CT scan for patients; it normally ranges from $700-$1400 depending on various factors as described above. The most important thing is to consider the suitability of the diagnosis and then to go for this costly diagnosis. Patients should also be pretty cautious while using this type of diagnosis as it may cause cancer in some people. So, the ultimate cost of the CT scan may rise to a great deal in that case. Thus, people have to consult well-practiced doctors and the CT scanner operators for the proper diagnosis of their particular diseases without caring about the cost of things involved in this process.

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