Is Dermatend the Most Cost Effective Way to Remove Skin Tags?

While there are a number of skin tag removal products available, many people opt for natural products, as they are viewed as far safer than other over the counter products that may contain chemicals.  

Dermatend is a great, natural product.  It’s 100% safe and it can be used on any part of the body, even the sensitive areas.  This is important as skin tags often occur on areas of the skin, such as the face, armpits and eyelids.  

Dermatend consist of ingredients such as essential oils.  These have been extensively tested and are required to meet with high quality standards.

The way in which these oils work is that they penetrate the skin tags.  They continue to work on them for a period of time until they eventually fall off (you can read more about how the product works at  

The process is painless.   Not only is this a very effective product, but you will not have to worry about scarring or irritation.    

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Emily H

Emily currently works for Dream Linux as a full time social media director, she has been actively involved with several social media campaigns as well as market research and social analysis.