Progressive Enhancement in Web Design

Progressive enhancement creates a good website. The user feels great. In this technique, various technologies are adopted. This term was applied for the first time to the websites without JavaScript.

A button does not function properly until the advent of JavaScript. The target is to create a page without using JavaScript. There should be a page for communication. The application of JavaScript is important initially. We need to observe the effect of pressing a button.

A spinner like effect is observed. No further interactivity is observed. JavaScript is introduced. A response is thereby generated. It is not an option to use JavaScript. There is a great response. The quality of the browser is very important for progressive enhancement. The HTML and CSS are used effectively. It is not easy to imitate a JavaScript. It is quite tough to do the updates in real-time. All kinds of technologies are used to serve the users.

The user has to ask himself about the benefit of converting an HTML site into a JavaScript. You can create an application on one page. But there are few examples of HTML web page converted to JavaScript.

You can have long web page like Wikipedia. JavaScript can be used to launch a site. It shows a spinner when you click a link. The link of ‘href’ is formed from URL. A request from XHR is made. The content is accessed. The content is improved using a system of template. We need to use it and get a spinner. The JavaScript runs at a low pace. You can improve the applications on stocks and shares. The graph of stocks has to be marked with SVG. You can do the rest of the markup with HTML. After the launch of the JavaScript page, the web socket connectivity is made. Another event may be created in the server. In real time, the graph has to be modified. Now you can get both the benefits. You can see the first version within a short period of time. You also receive the current news in real time. Our team of professionals at simple web design in houston has worked on lots of javascript and related technologies that can help your business.

The internet has the capability to compete with local applications. Nowadays we are thinking beyond progressive enhancement. We have to create applications without using internet. There is no need of network in the first version. The data in cached form is used. Current information is used to modify the page. Progressive enhancement is an important aspect of web design and adds a totally new dimension to modern life. For more information about our company visit us at Houston web design

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