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There is no language like your own language and for most Indians that language is Hindi. We people may like to impress other people by displaying our English proficiency but in our hearts we all know that using that language can never be as much fun as conversing in Hindi. Whenever we are really happy, sad, hurt, or in fact whenever we are feeling any strong emotion, everything that comes out of our mouths is always going to be in Hindi. Therefore, it is understandable that Hindi SMS are so popular in India among all the people belonging to all age groups.

Hindi SMS are Much More Impactful
Hindi is the language we think in and thus this is the only language that enables us to clearly and completely express ourselves. So, when it comes to SMS, Hindi SMS are definitely much more impactful that the English ones. They are able to convey your thoughts and feelings with complete clarity without a shred of doubt. There is no chance of being misunderstood or not being able to say exactly what you want to say when you send an SMS in Hindi. It really gets your point across and the other person too is able to relate to your point of view in a much better manner. These are the times of globalization and many of us have thousands of people as Facebook friends from all over the world. Sometimes SMS in Hindi are also used by people from non-Hindi speaking countries to show that they really care about their Indian friend.

Hindi SMS are Much More Fun
You may be intellectually stimulated by a joke that is told in English and it may make you laugh a bit too. However, a joke told in Hindi takes the fun to a whole new level. That is why when it comes to sending funny SMS or jokes the number of Hindi SMS sent everyday in India is many times greater than the English SMS. This is because only the messages sent in Hindi have the power to make the person actually go rolling on the floor laughing. Finding such messages is not very hard and you can easily find them on some websites available on the World Wide Web. There are some wonderful websites that not only allow you to read numerous love SMS but along with that they also enable you to send them for free.

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