The Best Portable Generator Brands

A portable generator is usually beneficial at your home because it helps light your house in case of power outages where the lights go off. Since a portable generator is expensive, there is a need to understand the best portable generator brands so that you may be able to purchase the brand that meet your expectations such as long life, minimal maintenance cost and optimal wattage. Having one of these best portable generator models will help you power up your appliances and your home during any emergencies. This is very important nowadays as the winter is drawing near, and we are seeing more and more power failures due to adverse weather conditions every year.

So, what are the best portable generator brands? We have listed the three most popular portable generator brands currently sold on the market. Although these will not be the best models for anyone, their reputation and overall quality certainly makes them worthy of being part of this list.

a. Yamaha

Yamaha branded generators are light; hence they can be carried regularly and use gas to operate. They are very easy to start and run for a period of about ten consecutive hours at half capacity thanks to their lower fuel consumption rates when compared with other models on the market. All Yamaha generators come with a 2 year warranty. What’s best about them is that they send warning signals if there is a fuel shortage which helps avoid damage of their very powerful engine.

b. DuroMax 

Its high power output makes it suitable for being used at home and in heavy activities such as in construction. It is capable of shutting itself down in case of insufficient fuel to prevent damage of the engine that is air cooled hence it operates quietly for about 20 hours. This brand has a compact design and is able to avert consequences of any overload. With it is a 1 year warranty.  

c. Duro Star

DuroStar is one of the most reliable generator brands and can be a good solution for you, especially if you love carrying out adventurous activities in cool places with little or no noise. Durostar portable generators operate and run quietly for a period of about eight consecutive hours after which they can shut down automatically. Almost all Duro Star generators come with a one year warranty.

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