Things to consider while hiring DJ

It has become a trend to hire Toronto DJ service for various events, be it for wedding, dance party, entertainment party or even a birthday party. But, do you randomly choose a DJ for your special event or do you put a lot of thoughts into it? Obviously, the latter would be the right answer because a bad music can ruin your entire event. So, what are the things that you have to consider while hiring a DJ for your event? Here are the few points that you might want to look at.

  • Budget:

Remember it’s very easy to get carried away when you have money in your hand. But, trust us you would want to remain in your budget and then plan what kind of DJ you would want to hire. You can plan to spend about $900 to $1500 for a good and talented DJ and all the equipments that he might require.


  • What kind of DJ to choose?

Different companies offer different kind of DJ and equipments with them. They come in certain packages. And, the price of hiring the DJ might be affected by the time till when you want the DJ to play, the type of equipments you would want them to bring along and so on. So, have a look at all kinds of DJ and equipments that are offered and then make your choice.


  • Talk to the DJ personally:

After you have chosen a DJ services in Toronto from where you would want to hire a DJ, you should talk face to face with the DJ first. This way you will know if the DJ understands your requirement and will be able to fulfill it or not. So, before you make the payment, it might be a good idea to meet the DJ you are about to hire personally.


  • Beware of additional costs:

Some companies have a bad habit of adding unnecessary costs after you have hired the DJ. Sometimes they might lure you into their contract by showing you low costs or heavy discounts and later on they might charge you extra for basic things like cords or lights. So, before you hire the DJ you might want to beware of the additional costs that might be pushed towards you. 

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