Understanding How an Elektrische Sigaret Works

Are you confused about just what exactly an electronic cigarette is and how it works? You’re not alone. The FDA in the United States is still not completely clear on how e-cigarettes are manufactured and whether or not they are a safe alternative to traditional, regular cigarettes. While investigations are ongoing and lobbyists seem unable to agree on how to market e-cigarettes in a manner that is also conducive to government policy, it is important for those who use them or may potentially use them to understand how they operate.

First, it is important understand the origin story of the Elektrische sigaret. They were first manufactured in the People’s Republic of China in 2004, where they quickly became popular. Manufacturers around the world took note and began to make e-cigarettes of their own, marketing them to smokers as a safer alternative. The safety stems from the fact that, while e-cigarettes may still contain nicotine, they do not contain the hundreds of other chemicals that make smoking traditional cigarettes so dangerous. As a result, the manufacturers say, you are much less likely to develop cancer or any other smoking-related illness if you use e-cigarettes instead. While not all of these claims have been tested, it does appear on the face of it that smoking water vapor is a safer choice than smoking tobacco. So how does an e-cigarette work?

Identifying an Elektrische Sigaret is easy. They’re made of plastic and “light up” electronically when a user inhales. Some of them are colored to look like regular cigarettes, which can be a useful way to not draw attention to yourself in public, while others are black, blue, or more visible in their coloring. They come in various shapes and sizes—some long, some short, and some thick. The first thing a user does is inhale on the e-cigarette just as they would a regular cigarette. The sucking triggers a heater within the e-cigarette that turns the nicotine liquid contained into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled, giving the pleasure users have come to expect from smoking, and then exhaled. The exhaled vapor, unlike vapor that comes from traditional cigarettes, contains none of the harmful chemicals of tobacco smoke. The user can then inhale and exhale as much as they like until the cartridge within the Elektrische Sigaret is depleted, at which point it is discarded or the cartridge is replaced. It is also possible to buy cartridges that contain flavoring but no nicotine. This is especially useful for those who are quitting smoking but are nevertheless driven to an oral fixation, or who enjoy the process of inhaling and exhaling smoke, but would prefer to do it without actually inhaling any addictive substances.

You can spend more money on a vaporizer that is not disposable, and use it over and over again. In this way, you are not harming the environment by throwing away a lot of small pieces of plastic. Further, the exhaled smoke does not contain chemicals, as has been mentioned, and therefore does not pollute the atmosphere. Those who “vape” with their e-cigarettes at home claim that it is a healthy alternative to tobacco but, until FDA regulators truly test the results for themselves, it may be very hard to say what’s true. 

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