What They’re Not Telling You About Mole Removal

Removing moles has become a very popular subject recently.  All my friends are talking about them, because apparently the various removal options were discussed in a very popular female magazine recently.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: www.mole-wart-removal-guide.com/mole-removal-at-home.

Now they are all deciding to look into it.  Apparently, the beauty industry has declared war on moles.  All I know is that a lot of famous people have had moles in very recognizable places.  In fact, it’s the one feature that has made them famous.

Not to mention that some moles were even considered beauty spots.  Some women are very well known for having them.  Every female wanted to have one in earlier years, not to mention that certain women still use an eye pencil to draw on a mole to make them look sexier.

Unless a mole is cancerous or causes discomfort, it should not be looked at as a mark of the devil.  It can also be seen as beautiful.

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Emily H

Emily currently works for Dream Linux as a full time social media director, she has been actively involved with several social media campaigns as well as market research and social analysis.