Working of Solar Panels


Inside solar panels we have solar cells, this solar cells actually consist of pure silicon. The purpose of this pure silicon is to enhance the transmission of electrons better than any materials. Its conclude the used of pure silicon in solar panel production is a must.

With scientific prove, silicon can only carry 4 electrons only even though actually silicon have ability to carry until eight of electrons.

To learn more about how solar panel works please more here.

Better we just focus on how solar panel work practically if we just watch it right now, instead of taking  a note scientifically examined by scientist knowledge. I believe we don’t need that, and its going to so long in our head. So better we just forget it and make our brain happy with much easier thing about solar panels.

Solar panels need hard work to complete. But it doesn’t mean it not easy to do. You can assume this project as your previous school project long time ago, and I believe, its far for easier than that.

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